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Nanocarbon a new technology for cross-country skiing into a new dimension. Through the use of nanocarbon as a bonded material, we succeeded to build light and fast skating skis. Cross-country skiing like flying.
Lenght: 183
Price: 599,00 EUR

Nanox Ski

Woodcore: Special honycomb woodcore guarantee maximum stability and uniformly characteristics.
Nanocarbon: High-percision carbon laminates guarantee immediate power transfer and highest torsion stability whit minimum weight.
Autopilot: The Autopilot system developed by us and completely integrated in the ski, keep the ski in the curve like on rails. This means valuable time in competitions and maximum performance for each skier.
Nanobase: Special Nano treated base for incomparable gliding properties.
Hightech Tuning: Special high tech ski tuning on the Nanox NC1 grinding machine provides optimal handling characteristics. This guarantees the best time in the race and maximum performance for every skier.

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