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We want you to have fun on the snow. Taking advantage of the technology skis and snowboards have today. Many things have changed in last 15 years in ski construction. Snow is also very different, we ski on compact, hard and artificial snow most of the time.
If conditions have changed, the preparation of the ski must adapt to new needs. We prepare your material using techniques of this century. We believe in an evolution towards quality in this industry and in this sport. If we can choose all of us prefer good services, materials, sensations…Quality is a logical evolution and our philosophy.
Do you need new equipment? Do you want to increase your ski level? Choose good materials, skis with wood core, nanobase and high stability and of course Nanox professional ski service. We invite you to take control. Do not let the skis take control over you. Ensure your safety on the slopes. Ski smart and enjoy skiing.
Our vision is that in every country exists at least one Nanox ski center. So that the people can finally enjoy skiing. We offer to people the opportunity to ski on the best material. We guarantee maximum performance for every skier, whether you are leisure skier or racer. This is the place where you can get a highly professional service based on Nanox know-how. A place where you can prepare your skis, buy Nanox products or test Nanox skis.

So far there are few Nanox Service Points in:

Tignes ( Nanox machine and Nanox know-how ),

Ski Racing Servis ( Nanox know-how ),

Zöschg ski service ( Nanox machine and Nanox know-how ),

Ski Lab - León ( Nanox know-how ),