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 new nanox skis game changer

Nanox Ski
Game Changer

It is a unique ski innovation of Nanox. The new on-piste skis. For those who want to enjoy top-performance on the piste.
From passionate skiers to another. Enjoy skiing.
Lenght: 165
Shape: 118/72/101
Radius: 15m
Price: 899,00 EUR Nanox Game Changer Pro
Price: 849,00 EUR Nanox Game Changer Light

Nanox Ski

Woodcore: Special beech woodcore guarantee maximum stability and uniformly characteristics.
Nanocarbon: High-percision carbon laminates guarantee immediate power transfer and highest torsion stability whit minimum weight.
Autopilot: The Autopilot system developed by us and completely integrated in the ski, keep the ski in the curve like on rails. This means maximum performance for each skier.
Nanobase: Special Nano treated base for incomparable gliding properties.
Hightech Tuning: Special high tech ski tuning on the Nanox NC1 grinding machine provides optimal handling characteristics. This guarantees maximum performance for every skier.

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